The Modern Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are a technology that is constantly improving. The public has seen a lot of big advancements with electronic cigarettes in the past few years, which has the product more readily available and easier to use. People who are eager to quit smoking can now find a seamless transition to an electronic cigarette much easier. No longer are they required to carry around a bulky cannon with a tank and an atomizer. Today’s modern electronic cigarette looks and tastes a lot like your normal brands of cigarettes. People can smoke them in public without looking or feeling out of place because they blend right in with the rest of the smokers.

The modern electronic cigarette.
The common electronic cigarette of today is made to resemble a traditional cigarette. They accomplished this by creating something called a cartomizer, which is a type of atomizer inside of a cartridge. The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that is responsible for turning the e-liquid into a vapor. Cartomizers are often designed to resemble the filter of the cigarette. Inside is a heating element and a material that soaks up the e-liquid. The cartomizer is attached to the battery, which is designed to look like the rest of the cigarette. There is even an LED on the end that lights up as the smoker inhales. The battery lights the LED and also the heating element inside of the cartomizer, which then heats the soaking material and creates a vapor from the liquid.

As the popularity of the electronic cigarettes increased, so too did the number and variety of flavors available. More e-cig brands are pushing to create new and innovation flavors to get a step-up on the competition. This is great for the consumer because it means they can now enjoy the flavors they like with the ingredients they prefer. The best flavors are made here in America and are made according to FDA standards. Imported flavors are not regulated, which means the nicotine strength actually could vary.

Accessories are an important and fun part of owning an electronic cigarettes. Companies are constantly spitting out new attachments, upgrades, or improvements. First time smokers usually start with the traditional starter kit, which includes a number of batteries, cartomizers, chargers, and possibly a carrying case. More expensive kits will include more numerous items or additional accessories. You’re sure to find the accessory you want if you shop around for a short while.