How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular over the last decade or so – also known as e-cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes and e-cigs have been developed to provide an alternative for smokers who just can’t quit without a little extra help. They don’t contain tobacco but they do contain nicotine – or at least they do if you use the cartridges which contain nicotine.

When you light a traditional tobacco cigarette the tobacco burns and releases smoke which contains the nicotine. This smoke is inhaled and delivers the nicotine into the lungs. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand do not involve burning or smoke. The e liquid containing the nicotine is heated and converted into a mist or vapor which is then inhaled in a similar fashion to the smoke delivering the nicotine fix to the lungs.

The electronic cigarette is powered by the rechargeable lithium battery which needs to be recharged regularly in a similar way to a cell phone. This battery is then connected with the vaporization chamber – a simple hollow tube which contains an atomizer and other electronic components – this produces the vapor which carries the nicotine to the lungs.

A cartridge containing the liquid is attached to the vaporization chamber, the tip of this cartridge acting as the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. This makes the use of e cigarettes a very similar experience to that of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The act of inhaling serves to activate the atomizer into heating the liquid within the chamber and converting it into the vapor. The user inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece and the nicotine is delivered to the lungs, a cloud of vapor is produced whilst exhaling similar to the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

The e-cigarette not only provides a smoker with their much needed nicotine fix but also allows them to go through the same procedure as they would with a normal cigarette. In short – it gives them something to do with their hands and is a much more acceptable method of taking nicotine than chewing nicotine gum or sticking on patches.

There are a lot of electronic cigarette products online as well as available in retail stores up and down the high street. There’s a large selection of models, styles and brands available too with a terrific choice of liquid flavors to choose from.